Spinning the stash, full disclosure

Okay, so I only have three spinning projects to go until I reach my goal of spinning all of my spinning stash as of January 2014. However, I have stash that I’ve acquired since January, so that might have been misleading… This photo only represents the fiber left from what I owned at the very beginning of 2014.


In all honestly, I think I’m spinning so much in part because I really like the things I’ve purchased or someone destashed to me since January, but as a perfectionist I have to stick to what I said I’d do!

This is the stash I’ve acquired since the beginning of 2014.


Believe it or not, I only bought the two braids at the bottom.  The rest was given to me in a destash or two by a friend.  Looking at it all in one place, I realize I owe her several burritos, sets of stitch markers, project bags, a kidney etc….  It’s an awful lot of nice fiber, and it’s so colorful and inviting, I really have to finish my green and whites and get to this loveliness!!!

I think one of the fun things about someone destashing, or stash exchanges, is that you take and use things you might not have considered in the shops.  You can see that the braids I bought at Stitches this year are pretty subdued in relation to the bright roving, but I love them all and look forward to spinning them and finding out what they’re destined to become!

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