Spinning this ‘n’ that

Here’s my gold Easter yarn before washing:

And after washing and drying:


It fluffed up, although it’s not very soft.

In other spinning news, I realized I’m so close to my goal of spinning all my stash (as of Jan 2014!) this year! I only have three spinning projects left, and it looks like I also have some dyeing to do. 🙂  The Merino will be nice and easy, the green is the last of the Easter dyeing session (rough fiber, but it turns out ok with effort), and the locks…  I don’t know!  I’ve never spun locks, and they’ve just been hanging out in my stash, waiting for me to be ready for them.  I’ll just have to jump in and try spinning them!


2 thoughts on “Spinning this ‘n’ that

    • Well, the goal was to spin the stash acquired as of January 2014, so I have more now than I did at that time, thanks to Stitches and Pinkviking! Hmm, time for a full disclosure post….

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