Pre – drafting matters!

The roving we dyed at Easter… I had initially set it aside because it wasn’t a pleasure to spin. It was rough and bumpy, and I gave it up. I took it out again at Easter just to give the kids something fun to do, and to eventually have their hand-dyed wool by spun and knit up into something for them, like the Baktus scarf I just finished:

With the pink, I was predisposed to not enjoy the spinning, so I pretty much just spun it up quickly, allowing it to be thick/thin. But with the next, the gold, I decided to see how it would turn out if I pre-drafted conscientiously and thoroughly. The results are in, and the extra effort definitely paid off! Here are the singles that I spun over the course of two evenings, 1/2 of the gold roving that I have:

What a difference! It won’t be super soft, but the thinness and evenness please me, and I’m rather proud of myself for getting past the rough quality of the wool and making something delicate in spite of the obstacles.
In other news, today was the wee boy’s 3rd birthday and we had fun in Sonoma. I rode amusement park rides for the first time since I was 22 or so (Tokyo Disneyland!), and I found that I’m not quite as fearless as I used to be!!



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