I finished the wee girl’s Baktus scarf a while back, but never got around to posting photos. Here are a few!

Baktus, as styled by the Wee Girl herself.

Baktus, as styled by the Wee Girl herself.

IMG_4121 IMG_4123 She thought we should get photos from every angle.  Clearly, she’s used to taking FO photos for me!  :0IMG_4125

On an unrelated note, does anyone think that they should have thought through the placing of these circles a little better before releasing this dress upon the public?  The first thing that comes to my mind is “FEMBOTS!”





My progress on my POP blanket is slightly ahead of schedule – 15 squares in 13 days. I hope I keep up this pace! I haven’t yet calculated how many blocks I’ll need, as I’m afraid I might get discouraged. For now I’ll plug along, doing at least one a day.


PS gratuitous photo of sheep at the zoo!

Just decide to be!

At a recent knitting get-together, I was lamenting about how I love the Star Wars dress that I sewed for myself, but it doesn’t get worn because I don’t have enough geeky opportunities.  I said that I wished I were the kind of person who could wear a Star Wars dress anytime.  A friend said, “all you have to do is decide to be the kind of person who can wear a Star Wars dress anytime!”

So I decided that I am!  I wore it today, just a regular day of errands, housework, and childcare.  It is so comfortable and I felt very happy in it.  The icing on the cake was when we bumped into one of the wee girl’s classmates while out on a walk.  When he realized what the pattern on my dress was, his eyes got really wide and he exclaimed, “I like your Star Wars shirt!”  It made my day!  

I also have Star Trek and super here fabric…. 


Spinning the stash, full disclosure

Okay, so I only have three spinning projects to go until I reach my goal of spinning all of my spinning stash as of January 2014. However, I have stash that I’ve acquired since January, so that might have been misleading… This photo only represents the fiber left from what I owned at the very beginning of 2014.


In all honestly, I think I’m spinning so much in part because I really like the things I’ve purchased or someone destashed to me since January, but as a perfectionist I have to stick to what I said I’d do!

This is the stash I’ve acquired since the beginning of 2014.


Believe it or not, I only bought the two braids at the bottom.  The rest was given to me in a destash or two by a friend.  Looking at it all in one place, I realize I owe her several burritos, sets of stitch markers, project bags, a kidney etc….  It’s an awful lot of nice fiber, and it’s so colorful and inviting, I really have to finish my green and whites and get to this loveliness!!!

I think one of the fun things about someone destashing, or stash exchanges, is that you take and use things you might not have considered in the shops.  You can see that the braids I bought at Stitches this year are pretty subdued in relation to the bright roving, but I love them all and look forward to spinning them and finding out what they’re destined to become!

Spinning this ‘n’ that

Here’s my gold Easter yarn before washing:

And after washing and drying:


It fluffed up, although it’s not very soft.

In other spinning news, I realized I’m so close to my goal of spinning all my stash (as of Jan 2014!) this year! I only have three spinning projects left, and it looks like I also have some dyeing to do. 🙂  The Merino will be nice and easy, the green is the last of the Easter dyeing session (rough fiber, but it turns out ok with effort), and the locks…  I don’t know!  I’ve never spun locks, and they’ve just been hanging out in my stash, waiting for me to be ready for them.  I’ll just have to jump in and try spinning them!


POP KAL progress

At knit night this evening, the three of us working on POP happened to have brought it to work in, so I was able to get a photo of our first seven days on the project!


The lighting is bad, but I think you can see that the squares are beautiful! They are going to be three very different but pretty blankets!

I’m really glad that I’m doing this as a KAL! I don’t think I’d have the stamina for this project on my own!

Pre – drafting matters!

The roving we dyed at Easter… I had initially set it aside because it wasn’t a pleasure to spin. It was rough and bumpy, and I gave it up. I took it out again at Easter just to give the kids something fun to do, and to eventually have their hand-dyed wool by spun and knit up into something for them, like the Baktus scarf I just finished:

With the pink, I was predisposed to not enjoy the spinning, so I pretty much just spun it up quickly, allowing it to be thick/thin. But with the next, the gold, I decided to see how it would turn out if I pre-drafted conscientiously and thoroughly. The results are in, and the extra effort definitely paid off! Here are the singles that I spun over the course of two evenings, 1/2 of the gold roving that I have:

What a difference! It won’t be super soft, but the thinness and evenness please me, and I’m rather proud of myself for getting past the rough quality of the wool and making something delicate in spite of the obstacles.
In other news, today was the wee boy’s 3rd birthday and we had fun in Sonoma. I rode amusement park rides for the first time since I was 22 or so (Tokyo Disneyland!), and I found that I’m not quite as fearless as I used to be!!