Dress No. 2

Have you heard of Sonya Philip? She’s an artist/knitter/sewer here in San Francisco.  http://www.sonyaphilip.com/

A couple of years ago she did a really cool project called 100 Acts of Sewing (, which definitely inspired me to sew some of my own clothes and to find myself a style that might not necessarily reflect what’s in fashion, but instead what’s comfortable for me.  http://100actsofsewing.com/

I especially like her idea of having something of a “uniform,” a type of outfit you feel comfortable in and with which you stock your wardrobe. For example, maybe you like to wear dresses with cardigans, so that can be your “uniform.”

Anyway, long story short, I’ve realized I feel much more comfortable in a dress with leggings than I do in jeans and t-shirts, especially with my post-baby, 30-something body. And I also really love making my own clothes! So I’ve slowly been working on stocking my closet with things I really like to wear, and this is where Dress No. 2 comes in.

I bought the pattern a few weeks ago, but with both kids home all day with me, I haven’t been able to go fabric shopping. Finally I ordered some online, and because I want to be able to see it up ASAP, I prepped the pattern today. I’m ready for Dress No. 2!!!


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