Measuring up

My Alpengluhen sweater is almost at the point where the body isn’t knit all at once (it’s bottom-up), so I’m obsessing about length. I’m supposed to knit 13 1/2″ until separating the back from the fronts, so I’ve measured several of my much-worn hand knit sweaters. They tend to measure about 13 1/3″, hem to underarm, and although I’m just about at that length, it seems so short! I even measured the WIP against not one, not two, but three sweaters just to make sure it was long enough!

I’m knitting a few more rows, just to make sure, but not too many, because it will grow!

In other news, I skeined up my plied handspun from A Verb for Keeping Warm (colorway Tigerlily), and it’s pretty!


I thought it would be interesting to show you photos of before and after washing. The above photos are all pre-washing.

Now it’s drying, and it has definitely relaxed and plumped up! Before washing it looked slightly over spun in places, a bit kinky, and didn’t fall straight down when held up. Post-bath, it’s fluffy, softer, and looks less stressed and falls straight down, as I’ve read that a balanced skein will do. Photos of that tomorrow!

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