Handspun KAL!

A friend and I have been discussing options for using up smallish amounts of our handspun yarn. Cowls, hats, mitts, scarves… There a lot of ideas but the match between the pattern and the yarn isn’t always easy. I’d say it’s harder than with commercially spun yarn. The amount is often awkward, the supply is definitely limited, the weight may be uneven, etc!

I had settled on the Baktus scarf to use up the yarn my wee girl dyed and I spun. In the end, my friend decided to do a striped variation, using different colored balls if her handspun. I can pretty much tell how mine will turn out, but I’m definitely excited to see her striped version all knit up!


In other spinning news, I finished plying my lovely Verb For Keeping Warm fiber- it really mellowed out in the plying, although the gradations didn’t line up quite as I thought they would. It’s still lovely. Tomorrow it will be wound and washed, and should become lovelier still.


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