Maker Faire

Today we got out as early as we could and went to Maker Faire in San Mateo! This year went better than last year, with the kids being older and more patient….

We were able to see lots of cool things!!

This enormous brain-like shape was made entirely of light bulbs!



A soft, ballon-like forest!

A furry cat car the kids could actually sit in! And then be inducted into the Secret Kitty Club, with a hand stamp in invisible ink that only shows up under black light!

A sculpture comprised of tiny lights, held aloft by a giant balloon!

Life-sized R2D2s!!





Giant cardboard robot arms !

Sorry for the blurry final picture! It was THAT much fun! :0

I think the highlight of my day was having a young lady in a Tardis dress compliment my Star Wars dress.  🙂  🙂  🙂

Gramps cardigan- done!

Today all I had left in this cardigan was the pockets and elbow patches. Luckily we were able to squeeze in a trip to Imagiknit for buttons, and I finished the embellishments while we watched Toy Story this evening. After the kids were asleep, only the buttons remained!

As you can see, I chose super gramps-y buttons!

The finished sweater:

I always forget how little I enjoy sewing on embellishments! I did okay to poorly with the elbow patches, but I might just let them be. I secretly hope that I can spiff them up with blocking. Wishful thinking, probably, but overall, I’m satisfied, and more importantly, it both fits and pleases the wee boy!

Not my FO

Having given up on a sock project for which I’d dyed my own yarn, I took the yarn to our annual stash exchange. There it was happily claimed by a fellow knitter who today showed me her FO from my hand dyed yarn!

Aren’t they lovely?? I love how another knitter is always happy to have yarn that we may be tired of, or frustrated with! I’m so glad she brought them to knit night to show me!

In my own knitting, I did great on the Gramps cardigan today- a few more rows on the button band, then I can work on the adorable embellishments and buy buttons!

I can’t wait to see it on my wee boy, but not until it’s several degrees cooler here in San Francisco!

Singalong Frozen, Star Wars style

For Mother’s Day, whole family went to Singalong Frozen at the historic Castro Theater!

Aside from the awesomeness of being allowed and ENCOURAGED to sing your heart out in a movie theater, they also have a parade of costumed kiddos before the movie! As you might expect, many, many are Disney princesses, but my kids chose their Star Wars outfits that I made for them, making me very happy.

To go along with their theme, I wore my new Star Wars dress!
With cardigan:

Without cardigan:


I was tickled that a mom behind me in line for the costume parade to me that their whole family loved my dress! blush

It’s very comfortable! I really like the long side slits that I added. The only trouble is that the middle does poof out a bit if I don’t have my hands on my hips or a cardigan covering it. So I’m pondering what to do about that- to add waist casing and elastic? Or a few rows of shirring at the waist? I’ll do a little research before deciding.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun way to spend Mother’s Day! Aside from the parade, everyone also got a goody bag with a crown to wear, a glow stick to wave, bubbles to blow and a cracker to explode during the movie! How could it get any more awesome??!!

If you have a chance to attend the singalongs hosted at movie theaters, go for it, with or without kids!! And dress up!!!

Wash your socks often, or else…

This happens!

You end up with thirteen or so pairs, and it takes a long time!

I’ve been working in putting my hand knit socks away more neatly, and it’s paying off!

There’s a lot more space for more socks when they’re folded nicely!

Speaking of hand knit socks, my Pole Dance socks are going fine. I have a few inches done on the legs, two-at-a-time as usual. Creative construction, not so usual for me, but it’s turning out to be interesting! Luckily I have a friend who’s a few steps ahead of me on her pair, so I’m totally getting tips as she whizzes along! :0


Now isn’t that some interesting sock construction??

The Force is strong with this dress.

The day started out as usual, but before I knew it, I had a napping boy, time on my hands, and an irresistible urge to see myself a Star Wars dress! I wanted to have something geeky to wear if we make it to Maker Faire this year, and of course I had to make it myself!!


The pattern is the same as my previous two dresses. I am enjoying the feeling of doing it several times until I really understand what I’m doing, and I also love how comfortable this style is! Good bye, jeans and t-shirts! Hello, dresses and leggings!

I didn’t have enough of this cool spaceship fabric to make a nice A-line, so I made up for it by improvising some generous side slits. I also shirred the back like I did with my bird dress to get rid of the bulk in the back. It still has one poofy area around the waist, I’ll see if I can live with it, or if I’ll have to fix it.

Sorry for the yellow night photo… I was too excited to wait for better lighting!
And here’s a silly partial selfie view!

It’s comfy! And I may or may not have ordered special leggings to wear with it….

Sweater progress

After last night’s mistake, it was nice to reach the end of the ribbing of the hem on the Gramps cardigan this evening. No fancy bind off, I just BO a bit loosely in ribbing, and it seems stretchy enough but not flaring.

The green will look less jarring when the sleeves and button band/shawl collar are knitted.
Just for fun, look what a friend made for me! It was in exchange for something I did/made about a year ago, so I don’t remember what it was…. But I love this necklace and will wear it a lot!