Sock update

My wild and crazy Pole Dance socks are coming along! This evening I finished the first section and picked up stitches to start color #2.
Does this look like a sock?

How about now?

After a few rows of color #2, it’s starting to resemble a sock.

Now that I’m filling in the sock, it’s pretty fun! I think it also helps that I had to switch to knitting one sock at a time. Progress appears faster this way.

Other FOs from this pattern are more high-contrast, but I think these are crazy enough for me!

Maker Faire

Today we got out as early as we could and went to Maker Faire in San Mateo! This year went better than last year, with the kids being older and more patient….

We were able to see lots of cool things!!

This enormous brain-like shape was made entirely of light bulbs!



A soft, ballon-like forest!

A furry cat car the kids could actually sit in! And then be inducted into the Secret Kitty Club, with a hand stamp in invisible ink that only shows up under black light!

A sculpture comprised of tiny lights, held aloft by a giant balloon!

Life-sized R2D2s!!





Giant cardboard robot arms !

Sorry for the blurry final picture! It was THAT much fun! :0

I think the highlight of my day was having a young lady in a Tardis dress compliment my Star Wars dress.  🙂  🙂  🙂

Gramps cardigan- done!

Today all I had left in this cardigan was the pockets and elbow patches. Luckily we were able to squeeze in a trip to Imagiknit for buttons, and I finished the embellishments while we watched Toy Story this evening. After the kids were asleep, only the buttons remained!

As you can see, I chose super gramps-y buttons!

The finished sweater:

I always forget how little I enjoy sewing on embellishments! I did okay to poorly with the elbow patches, but I might just let them be. I secretly hope that I can spiff them up with blocking. Wishful thinking, probably, but overall, I’m satisfied, and more importantly, it both fits and pleases the wee boy!