Great, and not so great, and great!

My Rose Tyler’s fingerless gloves are almost done! The purling and cabling is a little hard in my wrist, so I can’t push myself too much. But I only have about ten rows on the hands, then wee fingers!

On a sadder note, I swatched for a sweater I’ve wanted to knit for ages, and it looks like my gauge is way off , plus I don’t like the look of this fabric on such big needles. I rather wish “bulky” meant the same thing to different yarn companies! :0


And on an unrelated note, I’m pleased to tell you that these vegan “Fish fingers” I tried making today were delicious! Thanks to the Vegan Lunch Box!


6 thoughts on “Great, and not so great, and great!

  1. Nice gloves. It’s trippy how some designer gauges are different from the yarn’s. It can be hard for me to get the gauge. Then I have to use another weight yarn closer to the designer’s gauge.

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