Singalong Frozen, Star Wars style

For Mother’s Day, whole family went to Singalong Frozen at the historic Castro Theater!

Aside from the awesomeness of being allowed and ENCOURAGED to sing your heart out in a movie theater, they also have a parade of costumed kiddos before the movie! As you might expect, many, many are Disney princesses, but my kids chose their Star Wars outfits that I made for them, making me very happy.

To go along with their theme, I wore my new Star Wars dress!
With cardigan:

Without cardigan:


I was tickled that a mom behind me in line for the costume parade to me that their whole family loved my dress! blush

It’s very comfortable! I really like the long side slits that I added. The only trouble is that the middle does poof out a bit if I don’t have my hands on my hips or a cardigan covering it. So I’m pondering what to do about that- to add waist casing and elastic? Or a few rows of shirring at the waist? I’ll do a little research before deciding.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun way to spend Mother’s Day! Aside from the parade, everyone also got a goody bag with a crown to wear, a glow stick to wave, bubbles to blow and a cracker to explode during the movie! How could it get any more awesome??!!

If you have a chance to attend the singalongs hosted at movie theaters, go for it, with or without kids!! And dress up!!!

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