The Force is strong with this dress.

The day started out as usual, but before I knew it, I had a napping boy, time on my hands, and an irresistible urge to see myself a Star Wars dress! I wanted to have something geeky to wear if we make it to Maker Faire this year, and of course I had to make it myself!!


The pattern is the same as my previous two dresses. I am enjoying the feeling of doing it several times until I really understand what I’m doing, and I also love how comfortable this style is! Good bye, jeans and t-shirts! Hello, dresses and leggings!

I didn’t have enough of this cool spaceship fabric to make a nice A-line, so I made up for it by improvising some generous side slits. I also shirred the back like I did with my bird dress to get rid of the bulk in the back. It still has one poofy area around the waist, I’ll see if I can live with it, or if I’ll have to fix it.

Sorry for the yellow night photo… I was too excited to wait for better lighting!
And here’s a silly partial selfie view!

It’s comfy! And I may or may not have ordered special leggings to wear with it….

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