Put a bird on it, part four?

For a long time I had been wanting to see some new sofa cushion covers and I finally got around to it!


I made these wool ones a few years ago out of thrifter sweaters. I still like them, but wanted a change.

Using this tutorial, I made these!



I’m very happy with them! I still have plenty of fabric left, so maybe I’ll make a few pillowcases…

6 thoughts on “Put a bird on it, part four?

    • Thanks!! I love them, and I love that they’re leftovers, so I’m putting scraps to good use. And with Spring here, it’s nice to have a lighter feel in the living room than the old wool ones gave off.

  1. How awesome you sew too. Didn’t know you had a blog. Found you when I was poetizing knitting blogs via the tag, “knitting,” on the WordPress app.

    • Oh, I’ve only been blogging for a few months! I see your new blog posts on Ravelry, don’t you see mine there? Maybe I’m not as connected as I thought. :0 Ohhh I LOVE sewing, but it takes so much more time and space than knitting, so I do much less of it. I find it super funny that you found me from searching a tag on WP!!!!

  2. I hear ya! I pretty much log on, see what my friends have been doing, check into a few of my groups… But I don’t do nearly as much looking around on Ravelry as I used to. Too many projects lined up to be out there looking for more! :0

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