Great, and not so great, and great!

My Rose Tyler’s fingerless gloves are almost done! The purling and cabling is a little hard in my wrist, so I can’t push myself too much. But I only have about ten rows on the hands, then wee fingers!

On a sadder note, I swatched for a sweater I’ve wanted to knit for ages, and it looks like my gauge is way off , plus I don’t like the look of this fabric on such big needles. I rather wish “bulky” meant the same thing to different yarn companies! :0


And on an unrelated note, I’m pleased to tell you that these vegan “Fish fingers” I tried making today were delicious! Thanks to the Vegan Lunch Box!


The much-anticipated Toe-down

Well! Here are the contenders, before the toe-down began! The two pairs of socks prepared two-at-a-time on a circular needle, ready for the ties to be knit!

We both knitted furiously, but alas, when I came home I had only this much done:


The other contender’s socks were in a similar state, but I imagine she’s either finished by now, or she will have finished by noon tomorrow!

Fortunately, it didn’t take me long to finish my pair up, and now I have these:

But I also have a great number of ends to weave in!


My Pole Dance socks are in break until tomorrow night, where we will have a toe-down at knit night. I am geekily excited about that!

So in the meantime, I finished a bird nest, knitted an entire one, and started yet another. This is what I’ve done so far:

My plan is to knit nests until I’m out of this purple yarn, then I’ll felt them, and I’ll take a break from knitting nests.

I also decided that my Rose Tyler fingerless gloves had been neglected for far too long, so I picked them up again, only to discover that I had no clue what was going on. It took me about ten minutes to figure out where in the pattern I’d left off. This is a good lesson in WIP management! Don’t have so many projects that you neglect one so badly that you lose your place!

I had planned on tackling them once the socks were completed, anyway…. Which is why I hadn’t let myself wind yarn or swatch for new projects yet! Sometimes I can be sensible. 😉

Caught up!

Between yesterday evening and tonight, I was able to recoup what I had to frog yesterday on my Pole Dance socks.
Compared to this:

This looks much better :

I really kind of freaked out when I tried on the mistake version and found that it was too tight and didn’t swirl nicely… Such a relief to have it corrected ! I ‘ll get both set up to knit the toes, then wait til Tuesday knit night to have a toe- off with the friend with whom I’m in friendly competition!

Too excited.

I had an insane amount of time to knit today, and I was able to complete color #2 on my Pole Dance socks.

Unfortunately, I did it wrong! The entire section twists the wrong way and is unwearable !

I had to frog back to the cuff, but managed to regain about three inches this evening. So much for my competitiveness! 😦

Unprecedented progress/it’s all her fault!

Confession: I have something of a competitive nature, and a friend who is also knitting the Pole Dance socks in our current KAL has been making great progress with hers. Each time I see her latest WIP photo, I’ve been motivated to keep at my socks. I don’t want to get too far behind!!!

Therefore, while yesterday I was merely here:


As of 10:10 this evening I’m here:

And this includes a setback in which I had to frog the entire blue section and redo it. (I was forgetting my ssks at the beginning of the RS rows!).

Now it’ll be put on a holder until the second sock looks similar (but with different color sequence- I’ve decided to let them be fraternal).

I happen to know that my knitting friend attended a baseball game tonight, and it may even have been too cold to knit, so maybe I’ve caught up? Or will she read this and go to turbo mode, leaving me in the dust? :0

Sock update

My wild and crazy Pole Dance socks are coming along! This evening I finished the first section and picked up stitches to start color #2.
Does this look like a sock?

How about now?

After a few rows of color #2, it’s starting to resemble a sock.

Now that I’m filling in the sock, it’s pretty fun! I think it also helps that I had to switch to knitting one sock at a time. Progress appears faster this way.

Other FOs from this pattern are more high-contrast, but I think these are crazy enough for me!