Easter dyeing

After our egg dyeing, the kids and I dyed some roving! I told the I’d knit them each something from their work.

First, the eggs:


I didn’t do a fantastic job with them- first we tried the safe food coloring we had from Whole Foods, but it didn’t seem to be doing much, then I remembered I had Easter egg dye that a friend left me when she moved last year. So we dropped the pellets into the containers with the eggs. The fizzing made weird bubbles on the eggs, so I rinsed the eggs off and put them back in. Not very scientific, but the colors were nice.

For the roving, the wee boy chose green, the wee girl chose pink , and I chose three colors then at the end I emptied the yellow on top. I regretted it right away, but it ended up a lovely gold.


I’m definitely more likely to spin this up now that it’s colorful!

Two FOs in one day!

Today I finished a new bear named Xena! I couldn’t think of another girl name staring with X, and a warrior princess sounds pretty a awesome, so Xena it it!


Then we attempted to see the Cherry Blossom Festival parade, but my timing was way off and we only saw the ending.


According to the wee girl, “at least we got to see that guy’s tushy.”

Later I finished number 2/14 charity hats for 2014.


I think it’s very pretty and I’d be tempted to keep it if 1) it hadn’t been meant for a homeless teen, and 2) I didn’t have such bushy hair!

Bear knitting

One of my bears, Eve, was recently sighted in South Africa!


Last year I sent 12 bears to the Mother Bear Project, and lately I’ve found several of them with their new owners. There’s nothing like seeing my bears in the hands of children who need some comfort to keep me at it!

Case in point, I have finished my 23rd bear, which, following alphabetical order, is W-named. He’s knit with yarn left over from a group Dr. Who scarf project, so I’ve named him the Doctor.


He has blue mittens because space can be cold, and also because I used up every last bit of the bear-colored yarn on the head. I am rather geekily pleased with this one, and immediately casted on for another (non-geeky) bear!

One-nap sewing project!

Yesterday during the wee boy’s nap, I put together a little project I’d been thinking about– a new pillowcase for him!

I used scraps from previous projects, construction fabric, one striped, two solids. I decided on a pretty traditional-looking patchwork design, but I cut the pieces more rectangular than square.

I haven’t done quilting before, and I was really more interested in making a cute, fast project than following directions for once, so I totally winged this one.




After his nap, he laid right down on it and hugged it. Success!

Vacation (from) knitting

Over our 4 days away from home, I’d imagined I would have a lot of time to knit. I even took along enough yarn for 2-3 bears. However, I didn’t have much time to knit. This is all I accomplished:


And as you can see, I made a big mistake! The legs aren’t facing the same direction as the arms! I need to rip back, and I’ve been avoiding it.

Since getting home, I’ve finished reading two books and have been working on a charity hat:


I will most likely take the bear along to knit night tonight, and hopefully regain my progress!