Vacation (from) knitting

Over our 4 days away from home, I’d imagined I would have a lot of time to knit. I even took along enough yarn for 2-3 bears. However, I didn’t have much time to knit. This is all I accomplished:


And as you can see, I made a big mistake! The legs aren’t facing the same direction as the arms! I need to rip back, and I’ve been avoiding it.

Since getting home, I’ve finished reading two books and have been working on a charity hat:


I will most likely take the bear along to knit night tonight, and hopefully regain my progress!

3 thoughts on “Vacation (from) knitting

    • It really did mean a fab few days! I didn’t resent not knitting at all– we had nice family time (now that all the tantrums are behind me, I can dwell on the nice things), the kids did their first bike racing/track experience, my husband did well in his race, we saw a lot of Monterey, etc. And it really was nice to do some reading. Since I started knitting about 8 years ago, then having kids, my reading has really fallen by the wayside, so it was nice to really get back into it.

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