Ready to roll

We’re heading out on a car trip tomorrow, so I thought I’d whip up some car caddies for the kids and fill them with some new things that will hopefully hold their attention and distract them from asking if we’re there yet.  I used this tutorial by Yvette from Abernathy Crafts, although this link is to a guest post on the Lasso the Moon blog:

I went back and forth on fabrics, finally choosing a bundle of quilting squares I got as swag in Puncushion’s grand opening. It’s this adorable Richard Scarry farm-themed fabric, which took away the work of finding coordinating fabrics.

Knowing my kids, I thought it best to make (almost) identical caddies so they won’t bicker about it. 😉

Yesterday they looked like this:



And when I was finished today, they looked like this!


Them, because I couldn’t help myself, I filled them with the activity books, etc., that I bought at Target (coloring books, activity books, new funky crayons, old but still excellent crayons in the mint tins, etc!):


I am completely satisfied with this tutorial!!! I thought it would be cute to add a few tiny pockets for the wee treasures that kids pick up, but I forgot that the seam allowance would eat quite a bit of them up, so next time I wouldn’t do that. If I made it again, I might also make it a bit wider, although I was pleasantly surprised to find that the jumbo coloring books DID fit in the pocket!  I was worried there for a while.

The pattern has instructions for a velcro strap, but we don’t have the kind of car with bars on the seat backs, so I just improvised some straps- I decided to use up scraps and kind of patch them together, which I think turned out cute.

And! This is only a 2-nap project! I decided that’s how projects aimed at parents should be categorized; by how many naps they take to complete. 😉

I hope the kids like their caddies, and I do hope they help our road trip go smoothly!!

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