A Sunday

This was a better than usual Sunday, thanks to my sock knitting group, a trip to a really nice park and beach, and burritos at our favorite burrito joint.

I finished the Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, aside from buttons:


I made a bit of progress on my Rose Tyler fingerless mitts:



Can you spot the mistake I made? I found it later and fixed it.

A friend took nice photos of my Serenity socks:


We took a group photo for the Animalia KAL for which I made my Chasing Snakes socks (should have bent my legs to show off the cables, but I was focusing on not falling off the wall!)


And I started a hat for the Larkin Street Youth Services! Nothing fancy, just Ela’s Favorite Hat from One Skein Wonders. The yarn was swag from Pincushion’s grand opening, it’s Viking of Norway Odin super wash:


And this outing was great:

That was a good Sunday! >


I hope your Sunday was an nice as mine was!! >

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