I’ve been knitting, but also spinning, turning this:

Into this:

I also started my new sofa cushion covers! This:

Has become this:


I had hoped to finish sewing them tonight, but the kids went to bed so late and I don’t feel right firing up the sewing machine after 10pm… Hopefully tomorrow!!

2014 bear goal

I reached my goal of 14 bears in 2014 for the Mother Bear Project! Here is #14 (#26 total), Zoe.


My plan is to work on some other knitting/spinning/sewing goals for a while before getting back into bears, but I doubt I’ll take much of a break. The bears are fun and quick and bring such happiness.

However, in my first 24 hours since finishing a bear, I have started the wee boy’s sweater and am nearly at the point of separating the arms, so that’s pretty nice!

Sheep shearing!


Today we trekked over to San Ramon for sheep shearing at a historic farm!


We saw sheep before:


And after shearing:




Yarn for sale!


Spinning demos on all sorts of wheels!

The shearing day was a bigger event than I expected, and it was very well run, with plenty of things for kids, too, like old-fashioned games, crafts, animals to pet, tractor rides. We enjoyed it!

Then, since it was so close, we drove up to the summit of Mt. Diablo.  It was a gorgeous day, but my goodness, it was cold up there at 3,848 feet!


Spring break adventures

The wee girl is over halfway through her Spring break, which means that we’ve (me, wee girl, wee boy) been busy out on adventures around the city and beyond!

This afternoon we went to a favorite spot in Golden Gate park, Stow Lake. The kids have their favorite trees and are happy to just play there. Last time I realized I should have taken some knitting along, so today I was prepared. 🙂

We saw goslings!

We found an excellent swing!

We witnessed a most intimate wedding!

We encountered a creepy Golden Gate Park squirrel!

And in the evening I finally swatched for the wee boy’s new sweater.


All days should be this good!

Another two-FO day!

Today I finally sewed the buttons onto the wee girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. She was mighty pleased to wear it after swimming lessons, when she tends to be really chilled.



She chose the buttons herself at Imagiknit a few weeks ago.


Tonight I also finished up my 25th bear, my Y-bear, whom I believe I will call Yasuko.


Only one bear to go until I reach my 2014 goal of 14 bears!


My goal tonight was to go back and lengthen one sleeve of the wee girl’s Tiny Tea leaves cardigan. I had counted the same number of rows, but my gauge differed between the two sleeves so one was longer!

I forgot to take a before picture, but here are the sleeves after ripping back a cuff:


Big difference! Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the buttons sewn on…

Easter dyeing

After our egg dyeing, the kids and I dyed some roving! I told the I’d knit them each something from their work.

First, the eggs:


I didn’t do a fantastic job with them- first we tried the safe food coloring we had from Whole Foods, but it didn’t seem to be doing much, then I remembered I had Easter egg dye that a friend left me when she moved last year. So we dropped the pellets into the containers with the eggs. The fizzing made weird bubbles on the eggs, so I rinsed the eggs off and put them back in. Not very scientific, but the colors were nice.

For the roving, the wee boy chose green, the wee girl chose pink , and I chose three colors then at the end I emptied the yellow on top. I regretted it right away, but it ended up a lovely gold.


I’m definitely more likely to spin this up now that it’s colorful!

Two FOs in one day!

Today I finished a new bear named Xena! I couldn’t think of another girl name staring with X, and a warrior princess sounds pretty a awesome, so Xena it it!


Then we attempted to see the Cherry Blossom Festival parade, but my timing was way off and we only saw the ending.


According to the wee girl, “at least we got to see that guy’s tushy.”

Later I finished number 2/14 charity hats for 2014.


I think it’s very pretty and I’d be tempted to keep it if 1) it hadn’t been meant for a homeless teen, and 2) I didn’t have such bushy hair!