Birthday sewing

In spite of late bed times and other interference, I managed to haul out my sewing machine for some last-minute birthday seeing for the wee girl.

You see, I don’t have a craft room or even a designated craft space. My kitchen table doubles as my sewing room, so when I’m done sewing/nap time is over/etc., I have to stash everything in the closet, away from curious little hands. This means that it’s kind of a big deal to get sewing in. Knitting is no biggie, as a knitting project is easily brought out and stashed away. But the sewing machine and accoutrements? They take more energy to gather than I always have at the end of the day, no matter how badly I’d like to sew, which is why I’m up late, trying to finish some last-minute gifts for the wee girl who is turning 6 tomorrow.  (6!!!???)

Anywaaaaay, here’s what I worked on tonight! A friend gave me this pretty fuschia butterfly fabric recently, and I decided to make  it into a pillowcase. I think the wee girl will love it, and perhaps the slick fabric will help keep her hair from getting so tangled. Or so I hear…

There’s just enough of the fabric left over to make something cool.  I’m thinking about some kind of art supply carrying case.  I saw some in a shop today and thought they were cool but 1) we already have all the art supplies it included and 2) I could make a prettier case at a fraction of the cost.


And here’s the second project, which I promised her a while back– She chose the pattern– it’s a dress from One Yard Wonders, and she also chose this pink Hawaiian print fabric (oh, my!!!).   It’s a fairly simple pattern, and I’m nearly done, but the armhole facings are a tad challenging, especially since it’s my first time trying this particular skill, and it’s late at night (read: I’m exhausted….). Oh, well. She’ll be glad I’ve started, anyway, because she often asks about this dress!


I’m not betting on finishing the dress by gifting time tomorrow, but you never know…..


My day started out great, with enough time after prepping the wee girls lunch to sit down with coffee and a couple of
knitting magazines. This never happens!


Unfortunately, I peaked early today (6:50 am!!) and my big plans for sewing or spinning we’re dashed by a little boy who will not nap at home and who did not go to bed easily, either. Better luck tomorrow….

Success x 2

I wore my new jumper today. It is shorter than I would really would have liked, but I think it’s just long enough to be wearable.  There are some advantages to being petite!



By lucky coincidence, it matches my short blue cardigan I made about 3 years ago and almost never wear.



And the Wonder Woman-themed piñata that I finished late last night for my daughter’s birthday party was a hit!  My daughter’s friend even complimented me on it.  ❤ 


Make ALL the things!

I’m making a piñata!



It’s probably some kind of crafting OCD that drives me to make ALL THE THINGS because I CAN, not necessary that I actually have the time and energy. I’d rather be sleeping, but I’m waiting for the paint to dry so I can put the finishing touches on this!

It doesn’t suck!

In spite of several critical errors, my jumper from Simple Modern Sewing came out ok! In fact, it’s cute, albeit several inches shorter than I intended.

During this project, I made my first facing (did I even know what a facing was??)and sewed my first blind hem (which isn’t very blind, although it is lovely).

About to sew the facing in:


I added some top stitching after sewing the facing in, as it seemed to want to curl up.

My big mistakes!
1. I forgot to add a seam allowance when I cut the pattern out! Luckily it does not fit too snugly! Here I am saying “phew!”


2. I accidentally traced the back twice!. Thank goodness I had enough length to trace the front onto one of the back pieces, but I definitely lost some length, especially since I had already cut off several inches .

End product:


Hopefully I’ll get a modeled photo soon!