Put a bird on it! (Part one)

My post-bed-time time started out the way so many do– “omigosh I have free time, what shall I do??? Knit? Spin? Sew? Waste lots of time online until I’m too tired to do anything at all???!!!”

Luckily I was able to get it together and do some solid sewing prep. Using the bird fabric I bought at Pincushion over the weekend, I prepped another jumper.


(The fabric is blue-er than it looks here). This time I remembered to add a 3/8 inch seam allowance, and I traced one back and one front, instead of two backs. :0. This one will be longer than the last, which will be nice. I felt a little self-conscious with the short one over leggings, although it was very comfortable over jeans.

And ohhh, looking through Simple Modern Sewing today, I found that I’d missed an entire page of instructions that would have been very useful last time. I made so many mistakes on my first jumper, it’s amazing it actually fits me!

While I was cutting the dress pieces, I also cut some 4″ x 4″ squares to eventually be part of a patchwork something.  I thought it might be nice to cut the squares as I finish projects, and eventually have a big stack ready to use in a blanket or something.

I have been feeling some inspiration to use my leftover fabrics for patchwork pillowcases, sofa pillow covers, potholders, etc. In this way, I hope that hoarding scraps will be useful, not crazy!  I particularly like this tutorial:


I’d like to use some larger leftover pieces to re-cover my sofa cushions.  They’re nice as they are, but a little more color in the living room couldn’t hurt.  And hey, stash-busting!

What do you do with fabric scraps?  How small do they have to be before you allow yourself to throw them out?


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