It doesn’t suck!

In spite of several critical errors, my jumper from Simple Modern Sewing came out ok! In fact, it’s cute, albeit several inches shorter than I intended.

During this project, I made my first facing (did I even know what a facing was??)and sewed my first blind hem (which isn’t very blind, although it is lovely).

About to sew the facing in:


I added some top stitching after sewing the facing in, as it seemed to want to curl up.

My big mistakes!
1. I forgot to add a seam allowance when I cut the pattern out! Luckily it does not fit too snugly! Here I am saying “phew!”


2. I accidentally traced the back twice!. Thank goodness I had enough length to trace the front onto one of the back pieces, but I definitely lost some length, especially since I had already cut off several inches .

End product:


Hopefully I’ll get a modeled photo soon!

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