Almost ready

I had a huge urge to do a sewing project today, but of course there’s a lot of prep involved before you actually get to the sewing. AND a mom never knows how she’ll feel after finally getting the kids to bed! Today I was exhausted and didn’t have a lot of oomph after bed time!

However, I managed to locate all the necessary materials and trace the pattern onto craft paper.

I’m still getting used to this style of pattern and the rotary wheel/tracing paper, but it went better than last time.

I’m going to make this jumper from Simple Modern Sewing, a very cute Japanese pattern book translated into English.  I bought this cute, simple fabric at Pincushion on Union Street in San Francisco:



But I will make it shorter. That length on me wouldn’t look too good, I think. I think just below the knee is the most flattering spot for my dresses or skirts to hit.  I think mine will be more fitted, less roomy, than the model wears it.  The first pattern I tried from this book turned out so huge!  I learned that I need to follow the finished measurements, rather than the book’s definition of what the sizes mean.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get to the sewing!

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