Sweater S.O.S.

First of all, I think it’s pretty cool to have made a photographic appearance on the Yarn Harlot’s blog!  You can see me in the third row, just about in the middle, wearing glasses, a big smile, and lots of blue.


In other news, my Shalom Cardigan.  This thing knit up quickly a few years ago, and I used a very economical, sturdy yarn (Cascade Eco Wool), making it a very pleasant knit indeed.  If you know Shalom, you can see that I extended the buttons to go the entire length of the sweater.  It’s a much more useful and flattering style for me.  I love the circle buttons I found at Imagiknit!  I always seem to find the perfect buttons there, and the prices are totally reasonable.



Sadly, the thing began to pill almost immediately after it was knit, and it soon became a sweater for just around the house.  Luckily, there’s almost always a solution for a problem, and if you talk about your knitting problems at knit night, you will almost always be offered ideas to try.  Recently someone suggested that I try one of those little battery-operated things that removes pills, so I picked one up the last time I was at Daiso.  Today I finally tried it out, and oh my goodness, I’m a believer.  My sweater went from this:



to this:


Good as new, and I might even wear it to knit night tomorrow, in celebration of its happy return to society.  


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