A daylight photo of my 600+ yards of Rambouillet!  It fluffed up with washing, but still has a ton of VM.


Plus the leftover bit that I plied with some commercial sock yarn.  This didn’t work as well as last time I did it.  I’m wondering why.  Did I over-ply?   Were my handspun singles too thick? Was the base yarn of the commercial yarn different?  This one is more springy and less uniform.  It still has potential, though….


I need to frog a section of my Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan, sadly. I’m annoyed that K2k1f/b apparently does not mean knit two, knit the next stitch through the front and back, but rather knit ONE, then knit the next f/b. Is it just me, or is that wrong? I’ll sleep on it….  At any rate, it’s not a huge section to rip back, and I will actually be happy to use up more of my handspun on said section.  I’ll need to figure out something to use the leftover handspun.  I was thinking a cute bow accessory or something….?

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