Spinning my wheel

I’m over half done with my Rambouillet spinning. Tonight I filled these two plump bobbins with my plied singles. I have to say, spinning fiber that has a ton of vegetable matter in it isn’t a ton of fun. I think in the future I’ll stick to less, shall we say, rustic fiber. I am super interested to see how it looks after a good wash, but I’ll let it rest on the bobbins for a night. I hear this helps to set the twist.  I also hope to remove more of the VM!


In other news, these two cakes of Berroco Ultra Alpaca have been begging to be knit up. I tried them in a Noro Striped Scarf, but they didn’t contrast enough.


The other day I was putting them back into the stash, and they ended up next to this skein of Lamb’s Pride, and I thought they might like to be together!


I am trying to figure out if they’d like to be a Color Affection shawl or a Robin shawl.  I already have both patterns and have been waiting for the right yarn and the right time…



Robin might be better for my worsted weight yarn…. Any thoughts?  Here’s a poll, just for fun.


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