All I have to show

It was a half-rainy, family-centered weekend, and all I have to show for it is this photo from an outing with which I surprised my husband for his birthday. 🙂


I almost finished a new bear, but not quite. I hope you had a good weekend too! >


Having finished my socks, I’ve been picking up my bear project when I have just a few minutes to knit. And before I knew it, Ursula was off the needles!


And then my busy hands started a new one right away. She’ll need a name starting with the letter V….

Put a bird on it! (Part Two)

I sewed the bird dress in two sittings today, and it turned out well. However, I decided two things:
1) The patterns in Simple modern Sewing are BAGGY! I need the XS without adding the 3/8 ” seam allowance.
2) I think I’ll add the optional drawstring and casing at the waist, because although this is cute from the front, it’s very baggy in the back. I cinched it up at the waist and it looks a lot better, so I think I’ll work on that tomorrow, and hopefully have a wearable dress this weekend!


Put a bird on it! (Part one)

My post-bed-time time started out the way so many do– “omigosh I have free time, what shall I do??? Knit? Spin? Sew? Waste lots of time online until I’m too tired to do anything at all???!!!”

Luckily I was able to get it together and do some solid sewing prep. Using the bird fabric I bought at Pincushion over the weekend, I prepped another jumper.


(The fabric is blue-er than it looks here). This time I remembered to add a 3/8 inch seam allowance, and I traced one back and one front, instead of two backs. :0. This one will be longer than the last, which will be nice. I felt a little self-conscious with the short one over leggings, although it was very comfortable over jeans.

And ohhh, looking through Simple Modern Sewing today, I found that I’d missed an entire page of instructions that would have been very useful last time. I made so many mistakes on my first jumper, it’s amazing it actually fits me!

While I was cutting the dress pieces, I also cut some 4″ x 4″ squares to eventually be part of a patchwork something.  I thought it might be nice to cut the squares as I finish projects, and eventually have a big stack ready to use in a blanket or something.

I have been feeling some inspiration to use my leftover fabrics for patchwork pillowcases, sofa pillow covers, potholders, etc. In this way, I hope that hoarding scraps will be useful, not crazy!  I particularly like this tutorial:

I’d like to use some larger leftover pieces to re-cover my sofa cushions.  They’re nice as they are, but a little more color in the living room couldn’t hurt.  And hey, stash-busting!

What do you do with fabric scraps?  How small do they have to be before you allow yourself to throw them out?


Beach FO

Happily, I’m over my short but fierce cold, thanks for the warm wishes!

While at the beach yesterday afternoon, I finished my Serenity Socks! 


They are actually sparklier than they show up here, and I’m very happy with them.  I’ll always think of Firefly when I see them sparkle…. Maybe I need to knit a Jayne hat…

It was an interesting time at the beach.  There were hundreds of these jellyfish washing up onto the beach.  I’d never seen so many at one time!


Today I’m plugging away at the Wee Girl’s Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan.  I have only about 3 inches until I can do the bottom border of the body section, then on to the sleeves!  It’s nice doing some biggish projects, but I miss the instant gratification of Mother Bear knitting.  So I think I’ll knit a few bears after I finish the cardigan, like a reward.  :0

Back to Pincushion

I ventured over to Pincushion Sew + Craft yesterday and was pleases to see the shop bustling, as well as nearly bursting at the seams with excellent stock, especially fabric!

Having used the fabric I bought at their Grand Opening, I was in the market for more! I chose a bird print and a seashell print.


I think I’ll use both for dresses like the one I made last week, this time without the mistakes. 😉

Here are a few shots of more cute things in the shop!