Oops, and an FO!

My friend expressed concern at my missing two days of blogging, but I assured her that I try to only take one day off here and there. :0 I don’t like to be wrong, so here’s today’s post!

I got in some unexpected bear knitting, as I grabbed the wrong project bag as I headed out this afternoon. Ursula bear now has two legs! I like how she matches my project bag.


At knit night tonight, I finished my Chasing Snakes socks! I thought they’d be done last night, but I realized the first foot was a bit short, so I ripped back to where I’d ended the pattern. I was so ready to be done with this pair, so I made the stockinette toe longer than the pattern called for. I love them, and I love that they’re done!!


I’m feeling some startitis coming on, with only one project on the needles. I feel like knitting a sweater, and there are plenty of sweater yarn choices in my stash, so I have to narrow down my options and start swatching!

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