Stitches West 2014: What to wear

If you’re a knitter, or you sew or crochet or otherwise create garments, you might understand what I mean when, the night before the Stitches West 2014, I am figuring out what to wear.  Being in a venue surrounded by other like-minded knitters and crocheters is the perfect opportunity to showcase some item that isn’t normally noticed or appreciated by a general audience.

Last year I chose to wear my Stripe Study shawl, which, while very pretty, is tricky to wear in the best circumstances, due to its asymmetrical design.  Moving around a lot, reaching up and down to yarns and fibers and other knitterly items, it was hard to keep it in place.


This year I’ve settled on a striking pair of lacy knee-high socks that I made several years ago when I was still new to sock knitting and lace.  This pattern is called Lakesides, and was published in  It took me about 3 months, on and off, if I remember correctly.  They don’t get much use because I usually wear jeans in my job as Mom.  So I think they’ll enjoy a trip to Stitches tomorrow.


I’m looking forward to telling you about Stitches, and perhaps showing what I score in the marketplace!  In addition to shopping, I’ll also spend some time at the Mother Bear Project booth.  I hope I can make myself useful!

P.S. I should mention that I’m going to Stitches with a friend, because she reads my blog and seems like it when I mention her.  :0

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