We are on our second 4-day weekend in a row, to to sickness and a plethora of school holidays.  So, to beat the long-weekend-with-two-kids blues, we took an overnight trip to Sacramento to visit family.

On the first afternoon, we went to the train museum in Old Sacramento, which was a huge hit, especially with the wee boy.


This morning, we went to Fairytale Town, which was super cool for the little ones, because there are life-sized fairy tale/Mother Goose/famous story things the kids can play on.  They can climb the beanstalk like Jack did, sit in Cinderella’s pumpkin coach, water plants in Mr. McGregor’s garden, etc!


The kids and I slept almost the entire ride home, but we still ended up feeling like this:

i too tired

But after a short trip to the park, the wee boy and I were treated to this:


I hope you had a good weekend, too!  Tomorrow I should have a new bear to show you!


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