Ugh.  My entire iphoto library may have gotten deleted.  Last week, in preparation for installing a new OS, we backed everything up onto an external hard drive.  All was fine.  We upgraded to a newer OS, all was fine.  Yesterday I got a new phone.  I’ve been taking some photos, and tonight I wanted to watermark some.  They seemed to upload fine into iphoto, but when I got to iwatermark, there was nothing.  I clicked on the iphoto icon, nothing.  I plugged in the external hard drive and looked for iphoto, nothing.  What the heck happened???? 6 years of photos, gone?  Backing up the photos was the main reason for the external hard drive, so I’m really confused, aside from seriously bumming.   I hope there’s some logical explanation….????  Sigh… no photos to share today.  😦

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