Ever so inspired by yesterday’s sighting of Josh Bear in Kenya, I finished up my R-bear today!  I think this will be named Rosemarie, for my wee girl’s middle name and her paternal grandmother.  ❤   I just realized that R is my 18th bear!


She’s my Hufflepuff-themed bear, not a bumblebee-themed bear as it might appear.  As most of my bears lately, she has a hood instead of a scarf.

In other news, today I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.  In the (rather long) fabric cutting line at JoAnn’s, another woman asked me what my number was, and since hers was 2 before mine, and I had 2 frisky little ones in tow, she gave me her number, a sweet smile, and an “I’ve been there. The days last forever, but the years fly by.”

I actually teared up a little, as I processed how very true that is (and I generally discard most touchy-feely crap about parenting),  and I want to remember to pass on this good deed when I’m waiting in a line without little ones….

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