Catching up

I meant to write yesterday, but it didn’t happen.   We were/are all still sickly, and yesterday we powered through a trip to San Jose to the Tech Museum for the Star Wars exhibit, so I was especially tired and was asleep by 9pm.  Usually I’m just getting started crafting/meandering online around that time!  

First of all, the Star Wars exhibit was really fun.  There are tons of model spaceships, costumes, puppets, accessories, etc., that were used in the movies, videos explaining specifics, interactive games/activities, etc!   The wee girl wore her Leia outfit through the exhibit, but the boy only consented to put on his R2 outfit on after we had left.  Oh well!  Leia was very popular, but she got really shy when people showed her any attention.  The kids especially liked the video about Wookies, their planet, and their role in the Clone Wars.  My favorite…?  I’m torn between 1) seeing actual costumes and props from the movies and 2) the videos explaining details of the movies, such as how they did the sounds of the ships.



Today I was happy to find that my Josh bear, which I finished last Fall, 



has been united with his new owner in Kenya!



It’s the sweetest thing to spot the bears with their children in Africa.  Today I was looking at the bears photos with my kids when we spotted Josh.  We had to check my photos on Facebook to make sure it was him!  When the bears have been gone for a while, I kind of forget what they look like!  I need to remember to post photos of each to Ravelry so I can identify them!

Since we’re all still under the weather, we stayed home today and around 3:00 I played my tv card to keep my sanity.  I let the kids watch an Elmo video while I did some sewing prep.  

Some of this,



became some of these: 


and there will be more to come soon.  At least all the measuring and cutting are done, those seem to be the most tedious steps.  Some of these should be appearing in my Etsy shop before too long!

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