Sick day

At long last, I caught the cold that I thought I had avoided this time around.  Today I kept the wee girl home from school, due to her rough coughing all night long.  Unfortunately (?), my kids aren’t the type to sit/lie quietly when they’re sick.  They run around and wreak as much havoc as usual, in spite of coughs and runny noses.  To give myself a break, I let them watch a movie and some Sesame Street, and I sewed and prepped some sewing projects, spiffied up my son’s R2D2 costume, etc.  It was pretty productive for a sick day.


A friend gave me this chicken fabric recently, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but the amount happened to be perfect for two of these lined project bags (for knitting or crochet projects, etc).  I’m not sure yet if I’ll put them in my Etsy shop or donate them to the Mother Bear Project to sell at Stitches West in a few weeks.  I’m leaning toward donation.

The pattern for the bags is found here:

I used the free pattern to make four or five bags last year, and I liked it so much that I bought the expanded pattern.  When I had some trouble with it (it assumes you’re working from fat quarters, and gives cutting instructions as such, but it turns out you can ignore those numbers and skip to the final cut measurements), I wrote to the designer and she responded quickly and sweetly, completely clearing up my misunderstanding.  I highly recommend this pattern (free or paid!)!

I was also able to prep a few more of these project bags, and will show them to you soon!

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