My favorite princess

Back in 2012, my daughter decided she wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween.  So I found this vintage sewing pattern on Ebay, bought some fabric, and got to it with a borrowed sewing machine, despite having hardly any experience machine sewing!  It came out great, and I accidentally discovered French seams along the way.

Here’s the pattern cover, it’s so funny (this image is from Ebay, I’m still having photo trouble.)!  Image

I also knitted her Leia buns using a pattern on Ravelry.  The end result was awfully cute, especially since little brother was Yoda (left over from when I made the outfit for my daughter when she was 18 months old).



(His hat is the Felted Yoda Hat, and the sweater is the Baby Yoda Sweater Both are free patterns!)

But I digress.  My girl loves the Leia dress so much and has worn it out of the house so many times that it has become pretty sad and worn out.  Yesterday I bought fabric to make a new one in time for going to see this Star Wars exhibit in San Jose.

I can’t wait!  I just wish I had an awesome geeky outfit to wear, too!

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