Under control and in the shop

Yesterday I spent about an hour on the phone with Apple support, recovering my hidden iPhoto library.  I was pretty nervous about it– losing 6 years of photos would have been really sad.  Anyway, they were great and my photos are back where they belong, I’m back to using iwatermark, and I’ve finally been able to publish a few new items on Etsy that have been ready for some time now!  

I have 7 project bags made in Marvel Comics or Star Trek fabric.  They’re great for smallish knitting or crochet projects like hats, socks, amigurumi, etc!  



Here’s my shop: 



Getting things up on Etsy is a bit time consuming!  There are quite a few steps involved; making, photographing, uploading the photos to the computer, watermarking them (I might be a bit nutty about this one, but I really want to keep credit for my creations), and finally listing the products on Etsy, which also takes time, if one wants to do a thorough job of it.  Not to mention that I can only do all of this when the kids aren’t around, which is…. almost never!  :0  


Today I was able to get a few good photos of my Chasing Snakes socks, which I finished last night. I love how the red makes the cables pop! Sometimes I choose a yarn that isn’t the best for the socks in question, so I’m happy that these turned out so nicely.


Regarding my case of Startitis, today I prepared three new projects to knit.

1. Rose Tyler Fingerless Gloves in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. As soon as I saw these on Rose (Dr Who), I knew I wanted them!! It’s a free pattern on Ravelry .

2. Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan for the wee girl, using Madeleine Tosh light and my own handspun. This is to replace the version of this cardi that was recently felted.

3. Generic socks using self-striping Rainy Days and Wooly Dogs sock yarn in a shiny, stripy, purplish color way. Oh! And the color way is called Serenity, for you Firefly fans!


So, good night! I’m going to cast on for at least one of these projects now!

Oops, and an FO!

My friend expressed concern at my missing two days of blogging, but I assured her that I try to only take one day off here and there. :0 I don’t like to be wrong, so here’s today’s post!

I got in some unexpected bear knitting, as I grabbed the wrong project bag as I headed out this afternoon. Ursula bear now has two legs! I like how she matches my project bag.


At knit night tonight, I finished my Chasing Snakes socks! I thought they’d be done last night, but I realized the first foot was a bit short, so I ripped back to where I’d ended the pattern. I was so ready to be done with this pair, so I made the stockinette toe longer than the pattern called for. I love them, and I love that they’re done!!


I’m feeling some startitis coming on, with only one project on the needles. I feel like knitting a sweater, and there are plenty of sweater yarn choices in my stash, so I have to narrow down my options and start swatching!

Stitches West 2014 recap

Phew! Stitches West was great! I ended up spending a good chunk of the day helping out at the Mother Bear Project booth! I was glad to be able to help out, telling people about MBP and selling bear kits and other items. 🙂 I donated 4 project bags and a slew of stitch markers to sell.

I spent much less time than usual perusing the market, but that was just fine with me. I was able to see and buy all that I needed wanted, and then some.

This was the first year that Plucky Knitter was at Stitches, so I checked it out and bought some pretty gray sock yarn. Wonderland Dyeworks is also a favorite of mine, so I bought roving and sock yarn there. I also love Miss Babs, where I got yarn for a sweater. At Hiya-hiya, I finally replaced my sad old circular needles on which I’ve made most of my socks. One last tour of the market led me to Huckleberry Knits, where I bought some gorgeous roving. Good haul!




Stitches West 2014: What to wear

If you’re a knitter, or you sew or crochet or otherwise create garments, you might understand what I mean when, the night before the Stitches West 2014, I am figuring out what to wear.  Being in a venue surrounded by other like-minded knitters and crocheters is the perfect opportunity to showcase some item that isn’t normally noticed or appreciated by a general audience.


Last year I chose to wear my Stripe Study shawl, which, while very pretty, is tricky to wear in the best circumstances, due to its asymmetrical design.  Moving around a lot, reaching up and down to yarns and fibers and other knitterly items, it was hard to keep it in place.


This year I’ve settled on a striking pair of lacy knee-high socks that I made several years ago when I was still new to sock knitting and lace.  This pattern is called Lakesides, and was published in knitty.com.  It took me about 3 months, on and off, if I remember correctly.  They don’t get much use because I usually wear jeans in my job as Mom.  So I think they’ll enjoy a trip to Stitches tomorrow.


I’m looking forward to telling you about Stitches, and perhaps showing what I score in the marketplace!  In addition to shopping, I’ll also spend some time at the Mother Bear Project booth.  I hope I can make myself useful!

P.S. I should mention that I’m going to Stitches with a friend, because she reads my blog and seems like it when I mention her.  :0

Secret project revealed!

Finally I can show you the super secret project I’ve mentioned once or twice! My knitting group organizes birthday swaps, kind of like Secret Santas. This year we’re knitting mittens/fingerless mitts/etc. for the person assigned to us.

Last night was my turn to present a fellow knitter with the project I made for her! I knitted the Gnome Mittens, a paid pattern by Spilly Jane. My recipient LOVES pink, so I changed the palette from black, blue, and red to gray, pink, and pink!




I decided to present the mittens in a custom-sewn project bag featuring Chococat, and make a set of stitch markers as well.



She was very pleased! 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s not easy for me to keep secrets, so I’m glad this one is out! Also, I was really looking forward to seeing her reaction to my efforts, and I was happy in the end.


I upgraded my phone last week, and can finally use wordpress on the go! So here’s a trial run, and a photo of oooold produce crate art.