Oops! (giggle, giggle)

I’ve been working on what might be my biggest spinning project yet, about 13 ounces of Rambouillet, which I bought at Meridian Jacobs Farm a few years ago.  http://www.meridianjacobs.com/exec/eHome.asp?verifyCookie=True

I divided the huge amount of roving in two, using my handy digital kitchen scale.  Last week I finished up one half, and I was surprised that it only filled one bobbin, considering the huge amount of roving.   I usually fill up a bobbin with much less fiber than that!


No matter, I continued on to the second ball.  However, as the second bobbin was almost full, I still had this huge ball left.  Shouldn’t it be running out by now?



Far left: bobbin #1, pretty much full. Bottom: Bobbin #2, almost full.  Top: huge ball of roving still left to spin.


A-ha!  Inside my spinning wheel bag I found what was left of huge ball #1.  I had assumed I was done with huge ball #1, neglecting to check for more!  When I fill up bobbin #2, huge ball #2 should match huge ball #1, more or less.  I’m right on track, after all.  Silly me.

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