Knit Night!

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  Why? Because it’s KNIT NIGHT!  I get a few child-free hours out with friends, where we hang out and knit and chat.  I look forward to Tuesday like most people look forward to their birthday, or Christmas, or a vacation…

Tonight these four Hogwarts-themed bears and one blue guy went along to Knit Night with me, but they went home with a friend to be mailed off to the Mother Bear Project in Minneapolis along with some of hers.  It’ll be nice for them to get to know each other on the trip.

I also made some good progress on my Chasing Snakes socks.  The red is so much nicer than it looks here.





7 thoughts on “Knit Night!

  1. Those bears look so hugable! I’m sure they will be hugely enjoyed by the kids that will receive them. Your socks are coming along nicely. I just got in the yarn for mine. Have you encountered any problems so far?

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