Is it Monday already?

The weekend can really fly by….  We had a fine one here, with a trip to the library, 


a nice visit to a (still to to us) park, 


and a great afternoon with good friends, friends who are really good at feeding people.  



I made some decent progress in my current spinning project, which is about 13 ounces (if I remember correctly) of Rambouillet.  It’s the most rustic roving I’ve ever spun.  It’s so full of vegetable matter that I don’t even stop to pick all of it out or I’d never finish.  The singles are turning out mostly fingering weight, which is my default weight for spinning, but there’s a lot more thick/thin than I generally spin.  It’s fine with me, part of the fun in spinning is making original yarn, stuff you don’t find in stores.  I don’t know what I’ll do with such a huge amount.  My idea was to stripe it up and make a cardigan, but I don’t know if I want such a rustic sweater!  So we’ll see.  Maybe it’ll ply nicely and fluff up to some gorgeousness when I wash it.  Who knows….?


2 thoughts on “Is it Monday already?

    • Thanks! I usually spin pretty thin yarn, so this thick/thin is a little challenging, but I do like to let the fiber become what it wants. This one doesn’t want to be uniform. I’m so excited to see what it’s like after plying!

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