What to do with leftovers

After I plied my Busybee with my Girl on the Rocks the other day with such lovely results, I had some of the Girl on the Rocks merino left on two bobbins.  This was not unexpected, as that braid had an ounce or two more than the Busybee braid did.  It was too much just to ignore, so I decided to ply what was left with some dark brown Malabrigo Sock Yarn left over from some socks I knitted about 2 1/2 years ago.  (No, my memory isn’t photogenic, it’s just that I won’t forget knitting those socks while in labor with my son!  :0 )

The result of my not being able to waste anything is really lovely!  It’s about 97 yards of merino squishiness.  I must be relaxing with my spinning technique, or washing the yarns differently, or something, because lately my yarns have been fluffier than normal.

The funny thing is that when each new skein is freshly dried, I think, “Oh, this is my favorite handspun ever!  I must knit it up right away!”  And it stays out in view for a few days before retiring to the stash where most of my handspun lingers.  I’ve given away a few precious skeins on special occasions, but mostly I’m very attached to my handspun yarns.  I particularly like to knit them up into shawlettes, especially the Age of Brass and Steam, of which I’ve knitted three versions!  I think because that pattern is mostly stockinette, it allows the true color and personality of the handspun to shine through.  Lately, though, I’m eyeing the hat pattern Rikke, because a friend knit a really great version of it in some handspun I gifted her.  The options are many, the time is little.

Enough rambling, eh?   Here’s a photo of the skein of the hour.  


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