Pincushion sew and craft

It was another gorgeous day in San Francisco, but with the drought, I feel guilty for enjoying it so much.

ImageToday I visited a new local sewing/knitting/craft shop called Pincushion!  It’s located on the fashionable Union Street in San Francisco’s Marina District.

ImageThe storefront is simple and adorable.  I love how the words in the top windows cast shadows onto the backdrops of the main window displays.

Inside, the space is spacious, airy, and bright, and the owner and staff were friendly and welcoming.

ImageThere are yarns and notions in the front, with fabrics and other notions toward the back.  (There were many more yarns whose travels from the East Coast were delayed by the Polar Vortex, so all the stock wasn’t out yet!)

ImageI love the ribbons!  I searched high and low for this type of embroidered ribbon several months ago, now I know where to find them!

ImageThese adorable vintage-y sewing kits!!! (the cuteness temporarily stole my verbs, sorry about that!)

ImageBolts and bolts of tasteful, carefully chosen fabrics!  Two are missing from the photo because they were on the cutting table for me. 🙂


These are some of the yarns and notions.  Plenty of Clover brand needles, stitch markers, etc.  Oh, they have some adorable sewing patterns for sale, including Amy Butler, Oliver + S, and others.  There are also baskets of super cute embroidery patterns, iron-ons, etc.

I went with a very specific sewing pattern (or 2) in mind, and left with fabric for both!  I’m so excited to wash them and get sewing!  Here are the fabrics along with the swag that Melissa, the owner, gave me; a ball of yarn and a stack of adorable Richard Scarry fabrics. I’ll make something adorable for my son with the Richard Scarry fabrics.  The more ahem mature fabrics will be blouses for me.  The yarn, I don’t know its fate yet!


I’m glad to have this new shop in the neighborhood, and I’ll be keeping an eye on their class schedule to see if there’s a sewing class that would be useful to me.  Good luck, Pincushion!

5 thoughts on “Pincushion sew and craft

  1. Beautiful shop! How are their prices? There’s a local yarn store near me and I went their once. I did buy some yarn, but knew right there and then that I just could not afford their prices. I’m sure the yarn’s worth its price, but I just don’t have the right budget for it. Looking forward to see what you’ll be making out of the fabrics and yarn 🙂

    • I think the prices are on par with other local yarn stores, and the neighborhood. I didn’t look too closely at the yarn, because I have a decent-sized stash that I’m trying to work through, and I didn’t need yarn today….

      For the fabrics, I’m not really sure what the going rate is for nice cloth. I paid $10.50 per yard, which seemed reasonable for really nice fabric.

  2. I tried to start a project with the flowered one tonight, but I didn’t have all the tools I needed! The book I’m using apparently assumes we know to have tracing paper, craft paper, and a tracing wheel on hand. Unfortunately, I did not. Shopping tomorrow!

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