Sewing inspiration

Words cannot express my love for Kinokuniya bookstore in San Francisco’s Japantown.  They have a fantastic English-language section, and the section of crafts books!  Oh!  My!  Word!  I really shouldn’t tell you how awesome it is, because if you’re reading this, you’re likely a crafty person like me, and you might hightail it over to Kinokuniya to buy all the crafting books that I want!  So in a way, writing this post is really dangerous for me.  :0

But, as a public service, I will let you know that Kinokuniya has the most amazing craft book section of any bookstore I’ve been to, and that is saying something.  The books on knitting, crochet, felt, amigurumi, and especially sewing abound!  The other day I picked up these two gems.



I’m relatively new to machine sewing, and I’m brand-new to my sewing machine (Christmas 2013 gift!), so the book on mastering your machine is very useful to me.  And!  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that 1) it’s written by a Bay Area local, Nicole Vasbinder, and 2) published by Interweave Press, whose magazines I really love.

Simple Modern Sewing has a ton of cute, simple (ohh, I do hope they’re simple!) garments which I could actually picture myself wearing.  Sadly, many of the translated Japanese clothing pattern books feature enormous garments that would look so silly on me, as petite as I am, so I was happy to find this one that seems to have clothes that are more fitted, or at least, can be easily changed to be so.

I’ll be toting Simple Modern Sewing along with me tomorrow to the opening of a new San Francisco sewing/knitting shop called Pincushion, in hopes of scoring fabric to make one of the cute blouses as my first project from the book.  I really hope that Pincushion turns out to be a good shop, because I could use a great source for fabric close to home!

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