Not what I expected.

I finished spinning, then plying the two different Merino rovings that had been languishing in my fiber closet for ages.


They looked very pretty plied together, still on the bobbins.  But after giving them a bath and (accidentally) leaving them in front of the bathroom heater all night, the yarn plumped up and became really lovely and squishy!  I had expected more of a DK yarn, but it’s so plump that it’s at least a worsted weight.  I’ve never had a handspun fluff up like this before, and I just love it!


According to my count as I wound the yarn onto my niddy noddy, I should have about 440 yards of fiber, as long as it kept its yardage during washing and drying.

I’ve changed my mind about the destiny of this yarn.  Originally I thought I’d stripe it up in a cardigan, but 1) it’s so pretty and fluffy that I want it wrapped around me like a cowl or shawlette, and 2) the rambouillet that I’ve started spinning that was meant to be the main color of a stripey cardigan along with this handspun is not worthy to be placed next to this gorgeousness.  The rambouillet is turning out very thick-thin and is chock-full of vegetable matter, so it will become something else entirely.

At any rate, I’m doing great on my goal of spinning my stash!  Next I suppose I’d better pledge to knit my stash of handspun yarn!

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