Spinning in 2014

Although I’m not really one to make New Year’s resolutions, I do like setting a few fiber-related goals (I confess that this is because of my knitting group’s blog!).  My big goal for this year is to spin up ALL of my fiber stash.   It’s not a ton of fiber, but it’s enough that it takes up a little more space than I’d like, some of it has been around for a bit longer than I’d like, and I want to have it spun up and knitted!

To this end, I’m well into my biggest spinning project.  I’ve taken two braids of roving that I bought at Urban Fauna Studio a long time ago.  One is white/brown (Girl on the Rocks Merino, the colorway is Ceylon), the other is white/pink (Busybee Fibers Superfine Merino, colorway Sand Dunes).  So far I’ve spun it all up and am ready to ply them together.  It will be a good amount of yarn, but to make it stretch even further, I’m also going to spin 13 ounces of Rambouillet that I bought at Meridian Jacobs farm a few years back to use with it.  I’m hoping to find a striped cardigan pattern that calls for (what I suppose is going to be) DK to light worsted weight yarn.  




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