About two weeks ago, I was leaving my friends’ house when I passed a driveway full of stuff, some of which was marked with big signs reading FREE.  I didn’t pay much attention, but as I passed, out of the corner of my eye I spotted what looked like an antique treadle sewing machine.  Curiosity got the better of me, and I pulled a u-turn and pulled up to the driveway.  

You know that feeling you get when you’re excited about the possibility of something, but you don’t want to get too excited about it in case it doesn’t happen, but at the same time it’s such an amazing possibility that your heartbeat quickens and you get a little sweaty?  Well, that’s exactly what happened to me then.  I approached the machine, which turned out to be a Singer, and appeared to be in pretty solid shape.  A man came out of the garage and I asked what the deal was with the sewing machine.  He was getting rid of his dad’s things, (for free) and happily helped me load the machine into the back of my car.  

The guy definitely doubted that the machine would fit in my hatchback, but I was feeling a crazy adrenaline rush that told me I had to try my best or I would regret it forever.  Somehow the tiny guy and I (also tiny) managed to hoist the HEAVY machine into the car.  And somehow I managed to get it out of the car by myself once I was home.  I’m still not sure exactly how I did it, and I still have the bruises to prove that it wasn’t easy, but I did it!  

The sewing machine.  It is a gorgeous, well-kept machine that could possibly originate from the late 1800’s to the 1920’s.  It is in the cabinet, which has 4 drawers.  The cabinet wood is a bit scratched, but still very shiny and in great shape.  The machine itself appears to be in perfect condition.  It’s very shiny, just needs a little dusting and oil.  The design features sphinxes, which is pretty cool.  A friend found the manual for me online, so I should be able to thread it up and see how/if it works!  What amazing luck!


4 thoughts on “Lucky!

  1. Lucky indeed! What a gorgeous sewing machine! I’m originally from Germany and my grandma used to have one these…can’t remember if it had any sphinxes though. Green of envy right now 😉

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