A Sunday in January

The day started out nicely, at my sock knitting group, where I started a Chasing Snakes sock (pattern from knitty.com).  The yarn I’m using is Miss Babs’ Yummy (baby/sock weight) in the colorway Little Red.  The project bag made in a sock patterned-fabric was made by yours truly.  I love it!

TotoroIMG_9928wtmkReady to start a sock!


In the afternoon we decided to head down to Half Moon Bay, where we discovered Dunes Beach.  It was a great spot to spend a few hours playing in the water and collecting seashells.  In addition to lots of little shells,  I saw 4 different live sea dollars wash up with the waves.  I had never seen that before!  TotoroIMG_9960wtmk


Happily, the new sock is quite a bit further along than it was at 9:30am.

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